About us

About us

What is "Two Nations Cup"?

It is the hosting brand which brings together Turkey and Greece in sports competitions.

Who are the directors of "Two Nations Cup"?


Asset Ogilvy - Greece

Reklam Üssü - Turkey

What are the main goals of "Two Nations Cup"?

  • To bring together the two nations in an "/important" common ground
  • To create an opportunity to support the peace and friendship in our region
  • To perform an activity which is focused on the sport's power of bringing people together
  • To provide all round contribution for its partners
  • To bring together sports and cultural values
  • To be "unique"

Which branches of sports will "Two Nations Cup" comprise of?

Who are the owners of "Two Nations Cup" brand?


Asset Ogilvy - Greece

Reklam Üssü / SportnSports Marketing - Turkey

Asset Ogilvy, as a part of the Ogilvy PR Worldwide and Bold Ogilvy group in Greece and a Sports and Content Management Company, provides services in publishing rights, sports sponsorship, sports programs and performance and managing sports activities.
Through its Public Relations unit, the company also provides additional services such as corporate and public relations programs, crisis management, brand communication, activity management, corporate social responsibilities and 360° Digital Influence.

We are a "sports focused" advertising agency; which serves to the organizations that market the sport events and/or brands that communicate by the help of sports; thanks to our young, dynamic and experienced team each member of which has important skills and values in "sports, marketing and communication".
Knowing the local and global dynamics of sports and sports industry and producing solutions and values that make a difference; our team adopts the sports as their "ideology".
Rather than being a successful team; we aim at being "an important team" by producing creative ideas that make a difference, working a lot, and maintaining our stabilized approach through our work. For this reason, "people" is our focus, just like the sports, and all we produce "focus on people"

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